Chris (Wilko) Johnson

The Life and Times of Chris (Wilko) Johnson

chris (wilko) johnson

Chris is the guitarist with Coventry (UK) based originals band BAiT and covers band Kill Clouseau . I was born in 1971 in Shipley (near Bradford), West Yorkshire and started playing guitar aged 15. I was the guitarist (and later fronted) Coventry University rock band “Headless” between 1991 and 1993. After writing lots of songs in 1993/1994 I formed Coventry band “The Cherry Stones” gigging in and around Coventry between 1995 and 1997. Since April 2002 I have been with BAiT.

BAiT Band

BAiT formed in 1996 and I joined as a replacement guitarist in 2002 for a string of covers gigs and recording the remaining guitar parts on their 2002 album of original material. Following the departure of the lead vocalist the band returned solely to original material and I took on lead vocal/frontman duties briefly at live gigs towards the end of 2005 following the release of two studio albums in 2004/2005 which i sang on. In 2006 I decided it was time to concentrate solely on my guitaring again so i stepped down as front man/lead vocalist for the band and remain as guitarist. In the summer of 2006 BAiT recruited multi instrumentalist Declan Sharma as dedicated lead vocalist and some members of BAiT formed the covers band Kill Clouseau as a side project.

Where to Find More Information on Chris and the Band

Many of Chris’s works can be found in books that have been written on Chris and his bands. The most popular work is entitled, “Chris and His Musical Journey”. This work details his childhood and how he was introduced to the guitar. It goes on to explore his musical education at Berklee College and details his evolution into the great musician he is today.

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As more books become available online, we will update the website to keep you informed.

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